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You are responsible for administering IBM Connections and would like to get to know the Connections Administration Toolkit (CAT) in more detail? Or you already have CAT and would like to use the tool to its full potential? Our CAT expert presents you a thorough workshop on the Connections Administration Toolkit and the necessary Connections and Websphere background knowledge to administer Connections and manage its content.

This webinar enables you to use CAT to solve your daily Connections administration and support tasks quickly and in an uncomplicated way.


IBM Connections administrators, who either are already working with Connections, are about to implement Connections, or think about introducing Connections to their company.


Connections Administration Toolkit (CAT) Basics
WebSphere and CAT Structure
User Management
System Preferences and Administration
Content Management

The webinar contains expansive live demonstrations for the individual topics, and gives you a chance to ask your questions concerning Connections administration.


IT knowledge and experience: Experience working with the Connections UI

Technical prerequisites: You need a current browser (e.g. Microsoft Internet Explorer or Firefox,...), an internet connection, headphones and a computer microphone. On demand, the sound can alternately be transmitted through a phone conference.

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