Webinar Connections: Communities Apps Tips and Tricks


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Enterprise Social Networks like IBM Connections come alive when it has active users who have understood what a powerful companion and help it can be in their daily work life. The goal of this webinar is to help users who have already begun using IBM Connections to delve deeper into the platform and leverage it to serve their daily work life better and improve the company overall.


BM Connections users with some experience, decision-makers, early adopters, multipliers, project leaders, pilot groups, internal marketing, Community managers and many more.


This webinar offers participants a deeper understanding of the benefits and features of Enterprise Social Networks/IBM Connections.

Cementing the understanding of IBM Connections' key elements and learning how to work more efficiently with the system:

- Working with and in communities
- When to use what? How to leverage applications in the most efficient way and customize them to your needs
- Working more effectively with IBM Connections

Additional features (should be devised and cleared with the organisation first, but if that is not possible/required, then the following items will be presented as best practice cases and given as generally useful information):

- Terms of use
- Naming conventions and user guidelines

Questions are encouraged and welcome during this webinar and, depending on the size of the participant group, may not necessarily be held until the end to be asked.


Some working experience with IBM Connections, for instance due to participation in Training Course ED655, is helpful.

Technical requirements: you need a up-to-date browser (Firefox, Chrome or Safari), an internet connection, headphones and a PC microphone. If needed the audio can also be transmitted via a telephone conference, but this requires previous approval.

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