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Enterprise Social Networks (ESN) like IBM Connections only come alive if users are active in them. These users need to have understood what a powerful companion an ESN is and how it can make their daily work life easier. Once that has happened, their company's ESN will be lively and successful. The goal of this web-based training is to introduce first-time users of IBM Connections to the full scope and benefits this platform can hold for them individually. It is also meant to make them much more comfortable using it. Basic functions and the most important features are highlighted and explained here, in order to make usage a breeze for anyone.


End users, decision-makers, early adopters, multipliers, project leaders, pilot groups, internal marketing, internal communications, key users, editors and many more.


Part 1 (1st hour):
A short introduction to an ESN's/IBM Connections' background and benefits: what is IBM Connections and what can it do? Why is the organisation giving its employees this particular collaboration platform?

The idea here is that knowledge about the whys and wherefores of IBM Connections tremendously helps in boosting acceptance and understanding for the system.

Themes: Storing knowledge and making it available in a purposeful way, breaking open silos, becoming a connected company

Introduction to the basic elements of IBM Connections:
- Profiles & networks: what needs to go into those and how do I build them purposefully?
- Tagging and searching: get structured in IBM Connections and never lose information again
- Homepage, stream and notifications: work through your priorities, discover interesting content and customise it all so that it helps your work day, instead of hindering it

Part 2 (2nd hour)

An introduction to working with communities, the virtual workspaces:

- Access rights
- Building a community

Usage of IBM Connections' applications, getting to know their benefits and learning when to use what:

- Working with files
- Getting heard with blogs
- Collecting knowledge and putting it at everyone's disposal with wikis
- Discussions in forums
- Get organized with activities


No special knowledge is required.

Technical requirements: you need a up-to-date browser (Firefox, Chrome or Safari), an internet connection, headphones and a PC microphone. If needed the audio can also be transmitted via a telephone conference, but this requires previous approval.

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