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edcom is located at 39 Baierbrunner Strasse, Obersendling, Munich

Communication and collaboration

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edcom was founded in 1992 and operates today as a complete solution provider. We support our customers with consulting, solutions, services and training in IBM and HCL software and offer services on the Microsoft and Atlassian platforms.

Our services also include licensing and licence management, software development, managed services and support, infrastructure maintenance, and training for developers, administrators and end users/power users.

We are based in Munich and currently have 41 members of staff.

Partnerships that optimize customer support

HCL Software Business Partner

edcom specializes in communication, collaboration and messaging, state-of-the-art software development, and the security and operation of hybrid infrastructures. This includes setting up, maintaining, operating and hosting the required infrastructures, developing specialized applications (e.g. Java, Domino, XPages, node.js, web technologies), migrating messaging systems and migrating to the cloud.

edcom’s Business Consulting Team helps companies build a successful communication strategy for the company with all the necessary steps and in all phases. edcom has been an IBM Business Partner since 1990 and an HCL Business Partner since 2019. In its role as an HCL Business Partner, edcom supports HCL Digital Solutions – Connections, Domino, Notes, Sametime, Traveler, Verse and other products that transitioned from IBM to HCL in July 2019.

Our customer support is further enhanced by other partnerships with Microsoft and Atlassian and a number of third-party vendors.


The TIMETOACT GROUP was formed in August 2007 as part of the merger between TIMETOACT, edcom and X-INTEGRATE.

The TIMETOACT GROUP modernizes and integrates IT applications for upper mid-market companies, Fortune 500 enterprises and the public sector to increase their agility, efficiency and transparency. The Group also designs and implements digital business models, opening up new market opportunities for its innovative customers.

Its services include consulting, cloud transformation, and data, software and system engineering around employee experience, business applications and customer experience.

The TIMETOACT GROUP combines its own expertise with that of its partners and leading manufacturers to develop bespoke solutions for its customers, including software selection, consulting and licensing.

The Group comprises the IT brands ARS, catworkx, CLOUDPILOTS, edcom, IPG, novaCapta, PKS, synaigy, TIMETOACT and X-INTEGRATE. They collectively employ approx. 880 people at 16 locations across Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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